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Manufacturing Intelligence

An important part of our mission is to conduct research and training that will directly benefit manufacturing-based industries. Our research and training programs are focused on Statistical Process Control, Lean Manufacturing, Real-time Process Modeling and Data Mining, Real-time Data Fusion, Sensor Development, and Reliability Methods.

2016 Statistical and Lean Training Seminars
"There is no substitute for knowledge"
                                                               W.E. Deming

Listing and photos of past graduates

Announcements Coming Soon:

  • 2016 PTF BPI "4th Biennial Processing Technologies Conference" St. Simmons Island, GA (Oct. 24-26, 2016)
  • SPC/Lean Training for European Manufacturers
    (Date TBA for September 2016)

Current Graduate Research Assistants:
Maximilian Platzer (MS) - 2016
Marc Banholzer (MS) - 2016

See former graduate students and thesis pdfs.

Research Areas:
   Real-Time Process Modeling
   Real-time Statistical Process Control
   Sensor Development and Data Fusion
   Reliability Methods

BioSAT "Making Innovation Work!"

Timothy M. Young, Ph.D.
Professor | Graduate Director
Center for Renewable Carbon
2506 Jacob Drive
Knoxville, TN 37996-4570
865.946.1109 (FAX)
Research Team:
Nicolas Andre, Ph.D
Research Scientist
Sarah Lewis-Gonzales
Research Associate
Olga Khaliukova
Research Associate II
Virginia Davis
Student Research Assistant
Student Research Assistant

Real-Time Process Modeling
We are investigating statistical methods to predict "real-time" the strength properties of engineered wood panels and quantify key sources of variation. This research program is focused on parrallel processing (e.g., multiple linear regression, neural networks, partial least squares, ridge regression, regression trees) of statistical methods and "boosting" in the context of testing customized software systems in manufacturing facilities. The process modeling research group consists of statisticians, industrial engineers, electrical engineers, and scientists from the University of Tennessee in collaboration with companies and other universities. This unique research is being developed for use by manufacturers as visual software systems.  Other research includes the real-time prediction of formaldehyde (CH2O) emissions during manufacture of products using NIR spectroscopy.  See Publications

Real-time Process Modeling & Mill Application

Computer control room Photo

Control Screen Photo
Thickness Variation Reduction

Real-time Statistical Process Control (SPC)
An important research program is the study and application of real-time statistical process control (SPC) in industrial settings. Successful research programs have been applied in the softwood and hardwood lumber industries, cooperage industries, wood composite industries, and water treatment systems. The programs have resulted in development of customized SPC software and reporting, as well as new measurement systems.  Annual savings from the studies have ranged from $21K to $750K across all industries. For detailed information, see: Real-time SPC

Stave Width/Bilge Variation Reduction

Training Seminars
Training seminars are offered in the spring and fall of each year. The training seminars are Continuous Improvement using Statistical Process Control and Advanced Statistical Seminars and Data Mining. The training seminars are designed for plant managers, production managers, technical directors, continuous improvement directors, quality control managers, R&D scientists, supervisors, and operators. The training seminars have been on-going since 2000 where more than 700 representatives from almost three dozen companies have participated. More than 90% of participants of the training seminars have ranked the seminars as “Excellent,” with the majority of participants realizing substantial cost savings from course projects.



 Seminar Group Image

Seminar Room

Previous Seminar Graduates